clear – unambiguous – targeted


….how about a bit of spontaneity!

Communication is not a one-way process. Man as „homo narrans“ tends to express thoughts  and desires – in many different ways. Not only in words with all their vagueness and ambiguities, but also with mime and gestures which are so much a part of the process.

No wonder then it's almost impossible not to communicate. Indeed any attempt to refrain from communicating must fail –  even an attempt not to communicate is communication.

Our desire to communicate is driven by many ulterior motives – the better I get to know my opposite number the more effectively I can get him to accept my point of view.

In addition film gives the viewer the feeling he is part of the action. Ideally it can draw him into the experience and get him to identify with it.  This succeeds best when the viewer can relate to the topic emotionally.

That's the art.

That's how it works.

How does it work?  Take for example a legal text. Have a lawyer or judge read it out. Give the same text to an actor. The content will be the same in both cases. The effect will be different in each case.

The manner in which we communicate is what makes the difference.